Every year, an estimated 2.5 million Americans visit Planned Parenthood affiliates. Ayott Planned Parenthood is proud to be part of such an esteemed network of facilities designed to offer affordable reproductive health care. Armed with a deep understanding of distinct female health care needs, and an appreciation for how daunting certain health decisions are, we bring valuable services to those who need it. Office fees are based on a sliding pay scale to ensure vital care is affordable and accessible to everyone. Read more to learn about the quality services provided by Ayott.

Birth Control

Women must decide for themselves what birth control method is correct for them, but we are on hand to assist in the decision making process. No matter what questions one has about effectiveness, usage and side effects, a trained professional is available to respond to questions to help women and couples make an informed choice. Not all methods prevent against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), so we make sure the prevention of pregnancy is not the only consideration one makes when selecting a viable contraceptive.

Teenagers seeking their first birth control method are made to feel comfortable and are given special considerations, since they may lack understanding about protecting against STDs, while also preventing pregnancy. Teenage girls sometimes feel uneasy when talking to longtime pediatricians about reproductive health needs and find Ayott Planned Parenthood to be a more comfortable environment in which to ask questions that matter. Parents seeking counsel for a teen’s need to acquire a contraceptive are invited to let us be a valuable resource for up-to-date information on sexual health issues specific to teens. Education remains one of our focuses, and this is especially prudent with our youngest patients.

Women’s Health

Well Woman visits are something far too many women put off for reasons related to unease and cost. At Ayott, services are based on an ability to pay, and we assure all patients are treated with the professionalism and privacy they deserve. Routine breast and pelvic exams should not be overlooked. Illnesses, such as breast cancer, have a greater likelihood of responding well to treatment when detected early. Results are always confidential, so employers or partners will not be made aware of a diagnosis unless the patient opts to disclose.

Those who fear they were put at risk for a STD, or are experiencing symptoms, should not allow shyness or fear of judgement to hold them back from seeking testing and treatment. We treat a variety of conditions and never pass judgement based on sexual history or a pattern of engaging in high-risk behaviors. Many sexually transmitted diseases are easily treated once diagnosed. Symptoms must never be ignored, especially if one is putting future sexual partners at risk.

Emergency Contraception

Mistakes happen, and we are available when the unexpected occurs, such as a broken condom or forgotten birth control pill doses. Two types of emergency contraception are offered at Ayott. The most common is the morning-after pill. This is not the same as the abortion pill. It prevents pregnancy from happening and does not terminate an existing pregnancy. The other option is the insertion of the ParaGard (copper) intrauterine device (IUD), once a patient is confirmed to not already be pregnant. ParaGuard can prevent pregnancy from occurring up to five days after unprotected sex, and when left implanted, it serves as a permanent form of birth control for up to twelve years, or until a woman opts to have it removed. Keep in mind, the copper IUD is the most effective emergency contraception, but not all offices can accommodate a short-notice request for an IUD insertion. Those with an interest in the insertion of an IUD or who would like to purchase the morning after pill, should contact us immediately. We oblige requests for same-day appointments whenever possible.

Termination of Pregnancy

Unplanned pregnancy invites a host of concerns and questions. For select individuals, abortion is the desired course of action. In the US, options for the termination of a pregnancy include the abortion pill and in-clinic abortions. Nobody has to make a decision unassisted. At Ayott, we discuss all alternatives, including making a parenting plan and adoption. There are choices, and nobody should ever feel coerced into making any one choice. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is a highly personal matter, and we are here to make sure all recourses are clearly laid out and explained without promoting one alternative over another.

Our mission is to provide access to thorough information and quality care, regardless of a person’s age, gender or ability to pay. We firmly believe everyone has the right to make their own informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Furnishing a safe, confidential setting for important health matters to be discussed empowers our patients to attain the high standard of health care they deserve.